The Start.
AdVisie "the mushroom growing consultants" is a young consulting service, though the combined experience of the 3 consultants is good for more than 50 years of practical experience. Con Hermans and Jos Hilkens founded AdVisie in 1997. They both worked for the Dutch extension service and had already developed several novelties for the Dutch mushroom industry. Some of them are: the first handbook for environmental protection for mushroom farms, a hygiene check by measuring background pressure of spores, economical checks, introduction of blond mushrooms, air circulation measurement with smoke and so on. They where convinced that they could do more for the sector in a smaller company and react more adequate and faster to the needs of the growers. That's how the founded Advisie. Due to the steady growing demand for good advice AdVisie had to grow and that is why Henk van Gerwen joined AdVisie. He was at that time teacher at the international mushroom growers training centre.

The organisation.
AdVisie has no employees and no director. Just active working partners. Each one of them has hands on experience in growing. To the point communication and no overhead ensure a fast reaction to practical problems and flexibility within the organisation.

Our target.
In the mean time AdVisie has become the best consulting service, specifically for mushroom growing. AdVisie covers the complete field, from raw materials to end product. Advisie is consulting in growing, composting, casing soil, canning, trading and management issues. Also projects with the ministry of agriculture, local authorities and other parties are taken on. The main target though is the mushroom grower himself. This means growers in the Netherlands but also all over the world.

Research and development.
AdVisie is known for its innovations. They have done research on several areas and have developed new growing methods and brought new insight to many issues. This way AdVisie can be proud of the fact they have helped raise the level of the Dutch industry.

AdVisie    'the mushroom growing consultants'  
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AdVisie 'The mushroom growing consultants'
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